At Full Range we put our own spin on wealth! To us, wealth is all about health and wellness and getting the care and services you need to be active and do the things you love!


Our Whealth Management ® Program includes concierge therapy services at our outpatient clinics, in-home, and on-location, monthly follow-up membership programs, and community engagement opportunities.  For more information, see below.


Concierge Therapy Services

Our Concierge Therapy Services include Physical and Occupational Therapy.  Services can be provided at one of our locations, in-home, or on-location at any field*, training center*, or fitness center* of your choice!

Call us at 610-241-2685 to learn more.

Facility access may vary depending on individual organization policy

Therapy Care Management™     

Therapy Care Management™ is ongoing monthly assessment program that tracks ability levels in our clients with higher risks of regression and persisting safety concerns. Therapy Care Management includes monthly consults, home exercise program assessment and adjustment, and more! Therapy Care Management™ helps you navigate through our confusing health system and get the services you need before experiencing a life changing incident. . We are your navigator to a healthier, safer way of living!

A Full Range Fall Assessment is included in all of our Therapy Care Management™ consultation sessions.

To learn more visit Therapy Care Management™ or call us at 610-241-2685 to set up a meeting to learn more.

Sports Agility Assessment: Coming Soon!


An ACL Prevention Program designed to reduce season ending ACL injuries. Sportsmetrics is a combination of flexibility, jump and strength training, and a proper warm up that, when used together have been found to help keep athletes in competition! To learn more visit or call us at 610-241-2685 to set up a meeting.

Community Involvement

Full line of educational events provided by qualified Full Range healthcare professionals, dedicated to promoting healthy living at every stage and to enhancing quality of life. We’ve designed our programs to meet the needs of the entire community, including youth, veterans, older adults, sports enthusiasts, etc...

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