We believe in your health and so should you!  At Full Range, we offer free complimentary health screenings to help guide you.  A Full Range Screen includes blood pressure, heart rate, flexibility, strength, balance and more!


Aches & Pains?


Sports Injury?


Balance & Falls?

Why get a free screening?


Get a jump on your recovery!

Our screenings last about 30 minutes and carry no obligation!  You will meet with one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy.  All screenings start with a vital sign assessment, followed by a look at what is concerning you.

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Meet our team!

Meet our friendly support team and skilled physical therapists to learn how we can help you!  If we can't help you, we can recommend someone who can!


2nd opinion or learn about some of your options!

Whether a 2nd opinion or learning about various treatment options, at the end of your screening, we will make recommendations about what may help your reach your goals!  Recommendations may vary, but may include a visit to your family doctor or a formal physical therapy evaluation.

Next Step...

Request your free screening today!

*Due to state laws and regulations, screenings may not be able to include treatment of your problem.  Treatment would be implemented within a formal physical therapy plan of care.  The purpose of the screening is to help you learn about steps you can take to resolve your concerns.