Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapy is a healthcare profession helping patients return to and maintain their ability in everyday life activities.  Occupational Therapists use various styles of training, manual therapy, and activities to improve patients' engagement, participation, and performance in roles and situations in their homes, schools, workplace, community, and other settings.

OT works to improve




Low Vision


As Occupational Therapists, we have the ability to treat a variety of conditions.  Some of them include difficulty with some or all of the following:

Activities of Daily Living

Cognition and Memory

Sensory Integration

Visual Impairments

Balance and Falls

Occupational Therapy Specialities

Aging In Place Specialist- To ensure your home is best suited for your safety!

Lymphedema Management


Outside The Box Thinking

Our team is not okay with the status quo!  We look for "outside the box" options to help you reach your goals!  We have connections with various community resources, including care taking, meals, transportation, and more!


Dementia Trained Clinical Team

Our team is passionate about caring for those that have difficulty caring for themselves.  We combine hands-on care, family/caregiver training, and our multidisciplinary team to maximize the potential for everyone we care for!

The W's!

Here are just a few of the What's and Why's about our Occupational Therapy team!

"OT means tying up the loose ends to help people live the lives that they want to live."

"I want to help people discover their inner Superman!"

"OT means assisting others to maximize their independence with all of their daily activities!"

"To help individuals live as independently as possible."

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