In Home Services are very helpful to ensure you or your family member are staying as safe as possible!  When referring to In Home Services, there are two common options:

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Home Health

Services include Nursing, Physical Therapy,

Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy,

Home Health Aide, and Social Work.


House Calls

Services include Physical and Occupational Therapy!

Outpatient services that come to you!

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Now providing services throughout Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties!

What is a House Call?

A House Call is an old fashioned twist on outpatient services.  It is the same as going to any outpatient center, the only difference is that we bring those services to you.  No waiting room, no being seen with other patients, no staged therapy room! Just you and your therapist working on reaching your goals!

House Calls may be beneficial for a variety of reasons, including lack of transportation, history of falls in your home, and other conditions/situations that make is difficult for you to visit one of our outpatient locations.

Do you qualify?

Anyone is eligible for these services, but insurance coverage may vary.  Medicare Part B covers these services.  For other plans, call us at 610-241-2685 to verify.

No Equipment?

In most cases, with a combination of manual therapy, typical household items, and a little creativity, we can set you on a plan to success!

What does it cost?

The cost is the same as any outpatient therapy clinic in the area. There are no additional fees associated with having us come to you!

How to start?

Ask your doctor if our services are right for you! Your prescription and contact information can be faxed right to us at 1-877-732-7311 and we will contact you directly within 24 hours.


Once you receive your prescription, call us at 610-241-2685 to schedule your appointment.

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