We believe that most people want to make a positive impact, but some may not have the means or "know-how".  The Full Range Focus is a way to start!  

Join our mission and help us help others!

The Full Range Focus is a way to start!  No obligation, no money out of your pocket, and no added effort!  Just get the care you need all while giving back to a good cause!

Our FOCUS changes each month!  We will announce the new FOCUS during the last week of each month!

How can you help?

Choose Full Range

If you need Physical Therapy, consider Full Range as your provider!  We accept most insurances!

We will contribute $5 for each new patient at each of our 3 locations.

Engage on Social Media

"Check In" on Facebook whenever you visit one of our outpatient locations to help spread the word to your friends and family!



What is the current focus?


September 2019: Leukemia and Lymphoma

August 2019: Addiction Recovery

June & July 2019: Community Services

May 2019: Senior Services

April 2019: Early Childhood Education

March 2019: Cancer

January & February 2019: Autism

December 2018: Military Veterans

November 2018: Alzheimer's Disease

October 2018: Breast Cancer

September 2018: Childhood Cancer

August 2018: Spinal Cord Injury

July 2018: Parkinson's Disease


September 2019: Team In Training

August 2019: Andy Forever

June & July 2019: Community YMCA of Eastern Delaware County

May 2019: Surrey Services for Seniors

April 2019: Playhouses by SALT Performing Arts

March 2019: Headstrong Foundation

January & February 2019:  Eagles Autism Challenge

December 2018: David's Drive 831

November 2018: Alzheimer's Association- Delaware Valley

October 2018: Living Beyond Breast Cancer

September 2018: Alex's Lemonade Stand

August 2018: Life Rolls On

July 2018: The Michael J. Fox Foundation

Runner Blue Fade

We will contribute $5 for each new patient at each of our 3 locations.


Organizations Helped!



Focus your organization!

Interested in having your organization highlighted as a future Full Range FOCUS?  Complete the below form to be considered.

All FOCUS organizations should be non-profit organizations.

Benefits of being a Full Range FOCUS?

  • The beneficiary of the monthly donation based on the metrics above
  • Highlighted in social media posts on Instagram, Facebook, etc...
  • Have the ability to post organization information in any of our outpatient clinics

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