House Calls

Our house call therapists bring the therapy to you!  One-on-one care in the comfort of your home!  No waiting rooms or staged environments!

Outpatient Offices

Our convenient offices offer small, intimate settings with one-on-one care!  Meet your therapist the first visit and work with them for the duration of your care!

Maintenance Therapy

Our Therapy Care Management program offers continued care beyond the traditional therapy duration.  Monthly visits to ensure that you are not losing ground!



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Continuing Education

Looking for a convenient source for continuing education?

I can't say enough about Megan Mills at Full Range. She is a caring and compassionate therapist. I would go into therapy, near tears, describing my frustration over my seeming lack of progress. Megan would remind me, again and again, how much I had improved!
She treated not only my knee but my whole being!

-Renee D.

"I was so grateful for the wonderful help that Kristen did for my mother. My mother is a difficult person and resisted everything to start but Kristen now has helped by mother to walk with a walker and enjoy it, knowing it will help her back and hips. When we got my mom a shower chair Kristen changed her schedule to be with me to introduce the chair... Kristen and her kind and understanding way helped my mom to see the benefit it would bring. My mother loved her and that is saying a lot. Kristen was a tremendous help."

"I suffered with neck/back pain & nerve pain/tingling from injuries sustained from a car accident. Unsuccessfully treated with 2 therapy centers and multiple doctors before I treated with Full Range... After my treatment at FRPT I was PAIN FREE for the first time in almost 3 years! They are AMAZING!"

Nicole is a great Occupational Therapist.  She came up with ingenious ideas for dealing with caring for my father, that I would have never thought of.  She taught me things I did not know.  She put together a shower seat for us and even helped me bathe my father when I needed help.  She was professional, gentle and caring all at the same time.

This was the second time we have had services for my dad and also the second time Sara has come to our house and worked with my Dad.  I wish you could have seen the smile on his face when she came through the door.  He recognized her right away and was so happy to see her again.  Her kindness and patience mean so much to us.  He would do anything for her!  She was so supportive and encouraging to me too.  She is just lovely.

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